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  • On 2 June 2021

To use an expression that is often abused, but never as welcome as at this moment, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: we can begin to detach the hanging paintings to embellish the walls. The writer is disposing of the after-effects of the recent administration of J&J (now I have a very smooth skin …), exemplary case of eustress: a few hours of annoyance in the face of the acquisition of immunity against this sneaky enemy who held us hostage for a year and a half. We have won an important war (I agree with the use of war terms to designate the latter period), recovering the values of cooperation beyond national borders, of joining efforts towards a common goal; we finally have “thinking heads” called to manage the immense assets of the Recovery Fund, and who want the result of the interventions not to be welfare assistance but rather investment.

In a word: it’s time to Restart.

Don’t worry: this is not meant to be an article with a sociopolitical tenor, I would not have the skills (and finally, the current renaissance is bringing attention back to how fundamental skills are, they are clarifying, perhaps once and for all, that one the other is valid). The restart scenario that lies ahead is based on some pillars, one of which is digital.

SAP, one of the world’s leading IT players, immediately declared itself ready to take up the challenge and is ready to run with its partners.

With the approval of the 2021 Budget Law, Parliament has allocated important funds for businesses, with the aim of relaunching and accelerating investments in machinery, equipment, software and supporting digital transformation activities in Italian companies.

SAP, as early as last March 2021, joined the “4.0 Transaction Plan”, with the specific purpose of supporting companies in the Digital Transition.

In the “SAP-RipresaAgile” session of the Official Portal, interesting OnDemand Webinars are available to help companies understand how to take advantage of the 4.0 tax incentives and concessions for future investments.

But SAP could not limit itself to this: as is customary, it wants to raise the stakes. To raise the bar of the challenge, he starts from one of the positive lessons that this pandemic has left us: learning to change our habits, our way of thinking, being aware that nothing can be taken for granted.

It is time, especially for the Italian market, to exploit the current situation to become familiar and give due importance to two actions with which we are not always very accustomed: planning and evaluating (“planning” and “assessment”, so that clear to all).

Without false modesty, we admit that for too long the widespread mentality in the “Bel Paese” has foreseen (if not even claimed), that a huge monetary investment would be translated as soon as possible into something concrete; not that this request is incomprehensible in an absolute sense, the problem is that there has never been an alarm bell due to the fact that the Project Management activities (yes, Italian almost always has its correct equivalent for any English-speaking phrase , Including “Project Management”) are often perceived as useless, superfluous, almost a waste of time.

On the other hand, think that the basic management courses held in US colleges teach that, once the duration of an activity is 100, in order for it to be defined as “well done” and profitable, it must include AT LEAST 70% of evaluation and planning . Perhaps, if the United States of America, until proven otherwise, continues to remain the world’s leading economy, this type of approach will also have contributed to the result.

Perhaps the time has come to give up the red jacket, abandon the “Garibaldian” assaults, and approach this period of rebirth with the mindset of analysis with the aim of optimizing and making it more efficient.


Let’s get ready to abandon the “silos-based” projects, which take into account only the specific need of the moment of a particular sector, without any phase of comparison with the company reality as a whole, without a comparison with the prospects opened by future developments; just drag outdated flows onto new platforms that are no longer in line with the current potential of the infrastructure, perhaps even contained in the standard, which is more easily manageable and usable; we take the time to understand where we are, where we want to go and, above all, what is the best way to achieve the result, on a company scale, not of individual units.

We are aware of the fact that digital is able to provide a huge help in taking this approach, which is essential for a real recovery; it is no coincidence that it is, as we said, one of the fundamental pillars of the National Plan for Restart and Resilience.

SAP has already prepared its tools, which include training, procedures and applications to facilitate and optimize the result; an example for all, the “SAP Work Zone for HR” (Webinars available in the aforementioned section of the SAP Portal dedicated to Agile Recovery).

Let’s not be scared or unprepared: it’s time to resume, in an Agile and efficient way, oriented not to a small immediate and momentary success, but to a lasting result.

Let us remember that “We do not receive the land as an inheritance from our fathers, but we have it on loan from our children” (Alce Nero).

We do not miss this huge opportunity just because we are dazed by the crickets we have in our heads.


Pl3 & Partners is ready for the challenge. Thanks to our decades-long collaboration with the SAP Academy, we are acquiring familiarity with the training aspect required by Agile Recovery; in addition, we are specializing in the use of tools, knowledge and skills that are useful and necessary to analyze the current reality of our Partners and plan with them the optimal development to be efficient and competitive in recovery; we use the most different methodologies but always careful to follow SAP standards, so as to offer solutions that can meet everyone’s needs and possibilities.

PL3 & Partners, not only offers theoretical expertise: what we propose is exactly what we use for our internal systems.

PL3 & Partners is the ideal partner to identify the best solution for each specific case: we are a System Integrator who aims to support its partners in the best way to seize the increasingly varied opportunities offered by SAP, whether it be for implement the new, whether the need is to adapt the existing one.

As usual, we are not looking for the ideal solution, but for the ideal solution for you.

For any information you can contact us at marketing@pl3group.com


Giorgio Morlacchi

SAP System Administrator