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“Agile” With SAP Model Company

  • On 3 December 2020

Each new digital innovation promises to help business operations run faster, more productively, and with greater scalability and impact. But getting the most value from these technologies isn’t always a given.

For example, SAP customers who choose to migrate their legacy ERP systems to SAP S / 4HANA: very quickly, they realize that the traditional model for ERP implementations cannot keep up with the dynamic nature of intelligent ERP. Everything from extensive customizations, IT-dependent decision making and complex user experiences to incomplete and inconsistent integrations, do not match the promises of process standardization, experience management, and data trust customers expect.

SAP initially offered SAP Activate’s innovation adoption process to provide a transparent method of structured, solution-specific practices carried out in a standardized environment. Now, the SAP Model Company joins the SAP Activate methodology.

SAP Model Company included off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf, end-to-end reference solutions for industries or lines of business, all aimed at simplifying and speeding up SAP S / 4HANA implementations. As clients have become more mature digital innovators and strategists, services have been restructured to an interoperable architecture that has enabled clients to combine line of business and industry model companies as required.

The evolution of SAP Model Company has now reached a point of maturity and opportunity for customers and partners. All line-of-business and industry-specific systems designed, interoperable capabilities introduced, and SAP-enabled integrated deployment framework are converged, enabling partners to apply standard service methodology when implementing SAP S/4HANA.

This next-generation model business strategy qualifies partners on two levels:

Solution Level: Partners are committed to using SAP Model Company as the foundation for solution development and innovation efforts. They have access to the partner development environment and go-to-market strategy for the SAP Model Company and SAP Value Assurance service packages. Intellectual property developed by partners in this environment can achieve SAP Model Company certification.

Qualification Level: Partners gain access to the go-to-market strategy for SAP Model Company and SAP Value Assurance service packages. They can benefit from the education and content available. Partners entering the qualification program can be named a “qualified partner for SAP Model Company and SAP Value Assurance services”.


PL3 & Partners’ ten-year expertise in implementing SAP projects takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Activate methodology and the SAP Model Company to increase the quality and reliability of its services.



Paolo Ponte

Sales & Marketing Manager