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Work in and for a good climate

  • On 2 February 2021
The problem of global warming is now well known to most. Almost daily we follow with apprehension what governments and world associations are putting in place to avert the connected dangers. The question is: do we have to be passive spectators? In addition to the good habits that each citizen can and must adopt in […]
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SAP Activate Methodology

  • On 26 January 2021
Many SAP customers, both multinationals and Italian companies, have implemented SAP S / 4HANA in their organizations to extract greater business value from their operations, whether it is to acquire financial information in real-time, reorganize business processes, manage and homogenize a heterogeneous IT landscape For these needs, having a precise and flexible methodology at the […]
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SAP Analytics Cloud

  • On 14 January 2021
SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a new generation of software as a Service (SaaS) that redefines the way of doing business intelligence, planning and predictive analysis in a single service, integrated and available on demand. It is built on the SAP Cloud Platform and natively connects to all SAP applications and non-SAP data sources to […]