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Digital Identities: Reduce Costs, Increase Security

  • On 14 April 2021
Today it is pleonastic to point out that any company, regardless of the sector in which it operates, needs an IT infrastructure for its commercial activity. However, we want to focus attention on some aspects, perhaps still too hidden or not completely clear to everyone, related to the use of IT. Usually, even small-medium sized […]
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Rise With SAP

  • On 7 April 2021
SAP has recently launched the “Rise with SAP” program, which is certainly a very suggestive title of these times. In fact, there is a desire for rebirth, to resurrect in many aspects of our life, and not just the professional one. Given these assumptions, therefore, the program certainly has a positive and renewing vision. But […]
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Data exchange: the birth of a new species

  • On 31 March 2021
Since client-server technology has spread, the aspect of managing the interfaces, understood as data exchange between different systems, has immediately become central. Originally, the need almost exclusively involved instances within the company intranet; this has favored the spread of solutions that I would dare to define “naive”: operating system scripts or “custom” programs developed within […]
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PL3 Smart Invoice

  • On 24 March 2021
Since the introduction of the obligation of electronic invoicing also in the B2B field which took place starting from 2019 in Italy with the use of a centralized hub, the SDI, which acts as an interchange between customers and suppliers, is gradually spreading throughout Europe and more generally worldwide the use of electronic documents in […]
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Revolution or Transition? It is about Change

  • On 17 March 2021
“There will be a revolution, but not even a cannon will thunder” sang Gianni Pettenati back in 1967, trying, alas I fear in vain, to emphasize that the disruption of the status quo is not necessarily accompanied by tragic or nefarious events. Point of view difficult to accept: just think that Italy, in contrast with […]
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Map your path to the future

  • On 10 March 2021
Those who are not part of the generation of digital natives can fully appreciate the revolution that exploded in 2005 with the birth of Google Maps. The “Generation Z” takes it for granted, but for all the others it meant an epochal change: no more dusty maps on the car seats or inside the backpack […]
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The fashion revolution

  • On 3 March 2021
Fashion is one of the driving sectors of our economy; without being arrogant, we can assert that the Italian style is recognized and appreciated all over the world. In the past, the term “revolution” in the fashion world was closely linked to its product: the explosion of the bikini, the transformation into a synonym of […]
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“Transizione 4.0” Plan

  • On 24 February 2021
The “Industria 4.0” plan, born in 2018 to stimulate investment in companies, especially in the field of technological innovation, has taken the name of “Transizione 4.0” and has broadened the range of action by covering Research and Development, Innovation and Design. One of the differences between the two is that in the Industry 4.0 plan, […]
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SAP and Big Data

  • On 17 February 2021
What is Big Data? What is Big Data analytics? These are questions that are heard more and more often today, especially in Italy, where big data has recently become a must for all  companies that aim to become a “data-driven company” to make informed decisions based on relevant data. So let’s see in detail to […]
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2021: The Lockdown Opportunity

  • On 10 February 2021
Lockdown is the word of the year, according to the Collins dictionary. The lexicographers of the English institute that draws up the annual edition of the dictionary said they chose it because it became synonymous with the experience of populations around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. “It is a unifying experience for billions of […]