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Our Success Stories: SECO

  • On 25 September 2023

Who is SECO?

SECO is a high-tech company whose aim is developing advanced solutions for the digitization of industrial products and processes. Thanks to SECO’s hardware and software offering, B2B companies can introduce edge computing, Internet of Things, data analytics and artificial intelligence into their businesses. SECO operates in different fields such as Medical, Industrial Automation, Fitness, Vending, Transport and many others.

Initial situation

For some years, SECO has used S/4 HANA On-Premise, release 1809, with about 250/300 international concurrent users (USA, Germany, China, Italy) on a 3-system Landscape, with 4 development principals.

Objectives and needs

In order to continue its growth process, which impacts SAP systems in terms of complexity according to different dimensions (volumes, applications, extension of use), SECO felt the need to:

  • Improve system performance
  • Make system availability and accessibility flexible
  • Update cybersecurity management in a robust and more structured way

It thus opted for a paradigm shift in SAP infrastructure and licensing, and choose PL3 as its partner.

The Project

SECO has decided to take the path of innovation, signing a SAP RISE cloud contract on Amazon AWS, in one of the first projects of its kind in Italy for a medium-large company.

Thanks to its Migration Partner and Service Professional licence as well as its AWS cloud expertise, PL3 took care of SECO’s cloud migration.

The actual downtime was 36 hours and took entirely place over one weekend.

The project met the times and costs previously agreed with the client.


The benefits of this project are significant and include:

  1. Improving mechanisms and designs for procedures and interfaces

The migration involved carrying out an Integration test and optimization phase of all the communication interfaces in place between SAP and the various external systems.

  1. The activation of additional SAP services (e.g. Group Reporting).
  2. Performance improvement

The chosen cloud systems (Amazon AWS) are more performing and scalable than the previous ones. They also offer the possibility to work on different Application Servers.

  1. Enhanced system security

Porting environments and preparing systems to SAP RISE allowed the PL3 team and SAP Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) to activate all the security parameters recommended by SAP Best Practices.

  1. Cost reduction

The licenses and software installed have now a smaller economic impact. By moving to the cloud, SECO was able to reduce recurring costs and grow in the adoption of new solutions without incurring capex.

Why PL3?

“I consider this project as one of the most strategic that SECO has tackled in recent years. Thanks to the professionalism, competence and availability of PL3 we were able to complete a project seen by someone as “impossible”.

We had the opportunity to fix a SAP infrastructure situation that occasionally created problems and we laid the foundations to ensure a solid and functional SAP system for SECO projects in the medium term.

This is certainly an excellent starting point for future SECO – PL3 projects.”

Gino Di Paola

Group Software Manager – SECO S.p.A.