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SAP Activate Methodology

  • On 26 January 2021

Many SAP customers, both multinationals and Italian companies, have implemented SAP S / 4HANA in their organizations to extract greater business value from their operations, whether it is to acquire financial information in real-time, reorganize business processes, manage and homogenize a heterogeneous IT landscape

For these needs, having a precise and flexible methodology at the same time that allows the realization of technological migration projects (Brownfield) and the overall redesign of processes on a new Landscape (GreenField) is essential for a successful project. within the expected time and costs.

SAP provides the right content and tools in SAP Activate Methodology, which enables customers to maintain agility and achieve project goals. SAP Activate is available to all customers and contains guidelines, business processes ready for use in SAP Model Company / SAP Best Practices, and flexible apps for configuration, data migration, extensibility, integration and testing.

SAP Activate leverages preconfiguration to accelerate time-to-value by running standards-compliant workshops to determine delta requirements to tailor the solution to customer needs. Then an agile approach is followed to implement the required deltas iteratively and quickly

The methodology is available for both “on premise” and “cloud” implementations, and for transition from on premise to cloud implementations.

The methodology is divided into a series of phases, which cover the entire life cycle of the project.

Specifically, the phases are:

  • Discover
  • Prepare
  • Explore
  • Realize
  • Deploy
  • Run

The Discover phase concerns the exploration of the new possibilities for redesigning the processes offered by the transition to S / 4 HANA. In this way, users are able to understand what the potential of the system may be.


The Prepare, Explore, Realize and Deploy phases concern more specifically the implementation project, and range from the setup phases, project preparation, to the Fix-To-Standard Analysis phases, up to the actual system configuration phase, to data migration and testing.


The latest phases, Deploy and Run, concern the transition to production and post-goal assistance which are always two essential phases for the complement and success of an implementation project.


PL3 & Partners constantly applies this methodology to its projects, both in those relating to S/4Hana and other types of projects. The Activate framework and the logic that govern it are well suited to the needs of every Project Manager who has to face an articulated project in a SAP environment.

PL3 & Partners has gained multiple design experiences in the field of release transition, S/4Hana conversions and new implementations in the Digital Transformation field.


For any further information please contact us :  marketing@pl3group.com


Paolo Ponte, Sales & Marketing Manager