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SAP Analytics Cloud

  • On 14 January 2021

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a new generation of software as a Service (SaaS) that redefines the way of doing business intelligence, planning and predictive analysis in a single service, integrated and available on demand.

It is built on the SAP Cloud Platform and natively connects to all SAP applications and non-SAP data sources to give users access to modern analytics at their fingertips.


SAP Analytics Cloud has a series of Key Value Propositions which can be summarized as follows:

Augmented Analytics, which provide superior analysis potentials compared to traditional analyzes, also through Machine learning, allowing companies to discover what are possible patterns hidden in their data that are extracted from accounting systems, legacy, crm, etc.

“Live” connectivity, which allows continuous connectivity with databases on on-premise systems, in the cloud and other types of files; the so-called “data replication” is not necessary and all communication security protocols are managed. Pre-Build Accellerators, available for dozens of business lines and industries, with which it is possible to have a series of preconfigured packages for planning, scenario simulation and other functions.

Extend SAP investments: SAC make it possible to enhance the investments already made in SAP for business intelligence, making it possible to integrate incloud and on premise tools, such as Business Objects.

Simulate & Analysis: allows you to perform simulation and data analysis operations, with multiple integration scenarios, ranging from BPC, integration with like-Excel interface, up to corporate reporting and dashboarding.

Blend / Query any data, or the ability to interface with multiple data sources, thus making it possible to enrich the data for analytical purposes.




This series of value propositions make SAC a particularly interesting tool for companies that want to make the most of their IT investment in business intelligence, often having a heterogeneous landscape made up of different analytical applications and need a tool that helps them to consolidate data, simulate and provide a summary of the data in the form of dashboarding, providing synthetic and indicative KPIs.

PL3 & Partners is among the first in Italy to have accumulated implementation experience in SAP Analytics Cloud Projects.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@pl3group.com


Emiliano D’Oronzo, BI Area Manager

Paolo Ponte, Sales & Marketing Manager