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SAP and the Cloud Strategy

  • On 1 March 2017

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of ERP software in the cloud, SAP has outlined a series of strategic initiatives for the next three years.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott says nearly half of the new SAP HANA installations have been driven by new customers.

To speed up the adoption of ICT cloud services, SAP has committed itself to quarterly updates of the ERP system in Cloud. Future updates will include auto-learning and artificial intelligence configuration wizards, using external application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with other applications, legacy systems, and other cloud services services.

SAP announced the forthcoming Computer Learning for Enterprise Applications (CLEA), a series of intelligent services that make use of deep learning machines and algorithms to optimize a continuous process, such as cash management. In the future, SAP will extend Computer Learning to algorithms used to match payment bills.

In terms of global market reach, McDermott says that it is now possible to extend the reach of SAP HANA S / 4 to small and medium-sized companies through the HANA Cloud S / 4 service. Implementable in just five weeks, McDermott says that it will reach the goal of increasing SAP application spreads, helping companies eliminate the need to invest in IT and personal infrastructure to manage on-premise applications.