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Work in and for a good climate

  • On 2 February 2021

The problem of global warming is now well known to most. Almost daily we follow with apprehension what governments and world associations are putting in place to avert the connected dangers.

The question is: do we have to be passive spectators?

In addition to the good habits that each citizen can and must adopt in his daily life, what can we do as a community? Community understood, in this case, as a whole in which we find ourselves confronting and working on a daily basis.

SAP asked itself this question and started to act: to make its application solutions more efficient so as to identify the ecologically critical parameters in the production process and to facilitate the transition towards solutions with an increasingly less burdensome impact for our world which, incidentally, is the unique that we have.

Why does SAP arise this problem? Not only out of ecological awareness, but because he is aware of the numbers he can count on:


(cfr: https://www.sap.com/documents/2020/06/ec443a74-9d7d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.html )

Well, this is the point of attention for each of us: as a partner we can increase that 75%.

PL3 & Partners has taken advantage of the possibilities given by the slowdowns imposed by 2020 to increase its expertise in the Industry 4.0 area, with the aim not only of helping its partners to optimize production, but above all of doing so from a “green” perspective.

We learn to choose and not to let ourselves be chosen: victories are obtained not with the VAR, but with commitment, preparation and the choice of objectives.

The goal of reducing CO2 emissions is everyone’s goal; SAP provides the tools, PL3 & Partners is a partner to best implement them.

Specifically, SAP offers analytical tools (designed for the S / 4 HANA Suite and obviously included in the standard license) to guide companies to be compatible with the “Green Deal Plan”.

This plan represents an extraordinary opportunity for innovation for society, businesses, agriculture, the economy and public administrations in general.

With this plan, Europe aims to rethink and organize development based on the principles of environmental and economic sustainability, the fight against waste and the management and control of Climate Change.

The plan is closely linked to the use of digital technologies and platforms and the development of a Data Driven Economy and a Data Driven Society. Based on this platform, the Green Deal plan includes three major levels:

  • the management and acceleration of a transition towards this new scenario.
  • development and demonstration of solutions.
  • the activation of initiatives to engage and involve citizens in a path of innovation also at a social level.

PL3 & Partners makes its skills available to face this challenge that we want and must win.

For any further information you can contact us @  marketing@pl3group.com


Giorgio Morlacchi

SAP System Administrator